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Saturday, 12 October 2013

8 Things to Do in 30 days before SPM

I was asked what to do in a month before SPM? Do I have to eat more raisins? Drink more plain water? Go to church/ pray at mosque more? Read more Yassin or Genesis? As a teacher well-crafted in the art of teaching with Master of Education, here is my 8 tips in order to gear up your mass & mind for the big day:

8) Master the Topics
You are given 2 years to study them all. You should be familiar with all of them already. Look into the topic summary for the bird-eye view. Maybe a bit or two like a subject in Mathematics which you can forego like Earth as a Sphere. Ask Mr. Lai more about it.

7) Conduct a Good Study Technique
Spend at least 2 hour daily for revision. Never skip your study. Keep on studying the past years questions. Minimise reading & maximize revising the question sets. This is because the exam ask you what you have done, not what you have read. Study for 45 minutes, then rest for 10-15 minutes. Reward yourself after study by playing your favorite games/ surf the net. 

6) Have Your Own Study Group
Some students prefer to study alone. Some with their peers. If you do, this is for you. Plan a study session discussing about the past years questions or from textbooks. The key here is to find the difficult subtopics & discuss them. Set time and goals of your study session. Rather than studying, most of the study groups would end with talking trivia & gossiping. Avoid them!

5) Tell Your Parents about Your Commitment
As a human being, nothing motivates us more than a positive encouragement & high expectation. You are going to need it. Especially when it comes from your parents. Tell them you are studying hard for the exam. Tell them to treat you well in this one month. Tell them you are doing your very best. And most of all, tell them you love them. Emotions move the world. Use them to move you. 

4) Set Goals
One problem in study is that when you do, you have no idea what's that for. Actually, your study associates deeply with your desire. You might want to become a lawyer, an engineer, a pilot, a doctor. Indeed they all need good education. You might want to become something peculiar like an artist, model, carpenter. Or celebrities. Imagine a very intellectual celebrity! Your education would be your batch - your personal insignia in your adult life. With education, you shall enjoy life to its fullest. 

Simply put, with education, you are on the right track in this awesome journey called life :-)  

3) Study this Blog
Time is limited. You have a few precious time to study. Be my students. Take time to learn from this blog. 

2) Associate Study with Fun
Most of my former students excelled in exam because it was fun to study. You need to have a highly encouraging tutors and parents. For parents i already covered in #5. The fun element should be available in your study environment -home/ your social circle/ school/ tuition centre.

Take me for an example. In my Form 3, i excelled the PMR perfectly due to my positive surrounding - good friends and good teachers from tuition centre. I entered MRSM later. It was a disaster - a place filled with pathetic d*ckheads and mundane, uninspiring teachers. It was no fun at all. 2 years being there was like a couple of years in jail. Still, i obtained mediocre results in SPM :-p  

1) Take Care of Your Body
If you cannot commit to the previous 9, its OK. But you MUST for this one. Your body is the temple of your mind. Good body will keep your mind sharp for the battle ahead.

Exercise every 2 days (everyday is the best) for at least 30 minutes. Exercise brings more O2 as the brain's fuel, a natural stress reliever, natural painkiller, and it eases you to sleep at night. Drink a lot of plain water in the morning and less at night. Don't eat heavily at late night. Sleep before 11am. 

Hope you can apply some. Best to apply them all. Fit them into your schedule. Put the effort. Have fun doing it. Excel. Thank me later.


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