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Monday, 15 July 2013

Teknik Menjawab - Explaining Zones of Cell Growth in Plant

At the shoot & root tips, there are 3 zones of cell growth:
Exam questions would you what are the characteristics of cells in each zone. Here are the answers complete with diagrams:

A. Zone of Cell Division:

1. The meristemic cells are small, have large nucleus, and tightly arranged (1 point).
2. The cells actively conduct mitosis. (1 point).
3. The growth rate is SLOW --> because cells are DIVIDING , not growing... (2 points).

EXTRA: Remember that this area also produces auxin - the love of my life...

B. Zone of Cell Elongation

4. The cells absorb water and nutrient into the vacuole. (1 point).
5. This cause cells to elongate (becomes larger in size and volume) (1 point).
6. Growth rate is FAST --> because cells are indeed GROWING in size and volume (2 points).

C. Zone of Cell Differentiation 

6. The cells would differentiate into specialized cells which form specialized tissues with specific functions such as xylem and phloem (give examples). (2 points)
7. Growth rate is SLOW --> because cells already reached maximum size & volume... (2 points).


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