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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Effect of Excessive Fat to Human Health

1. Fat is good for us. In fact, it is used primarily to keep our constantly warm at 37 degree C -the optimum temperature for enzyme activity (refer to my enzyme characteristics note here).

2. Touch yourself and feel the heat thanks to your body fat at work at this very moment.

3. Fat effect associated with being really fat (I mean really fat!) condition called obesity (BMI: >30), which is part of subtopic Malnutrition ( Essay SPM '06,'08,'10).

4. Quite popular SPM question, maybe because of obesity prevalence in Malaysia...

5. According to a local source, Malaysia is the 1st in SEA and 6th in whole Asia for percentage of population with obesity.

6. Well, eating is our favorite pastime, with being boroi is celebrated as sexy and successful :p

7. Enough chat, let's get down to study...

8. 2 things you need to know. First, is...


P1: Having fat-rich meal such as fried food and red meat (examples).

P2: The excessive fat is stored in the adipose tissue under the skin.

P3: This is amplified due to having inactive lifestyle such as lack of exercise and eating high-calorie junk food (examples).

Remember, giving examples is IMPORTANT to get points for essay questions.

Second, is...


D1: Coronary Heart Disease

P1 - Fat and cholesterol (they tend to be together like Romeo & Juliet) deposited in the lumen wall of coronary artery (blood vessel supplying O2 to the heart).  

P2 - This artery would be blocked, so heart would receive less oxygen.
P3 - Cardiac muscle (heart muscle) will die, leading to heart attack.

D2: Stroke

P1 -  Fat and cholesterol deposited in the lumen wall of brain blood vessel.
P2 - This blood vessel harden and burst.

P3 - This would create blood clot that would block O2 to brain cells.

P3 - Brain cells will die, leading to stroke.

D3: High Blood Pressure/ Hypertension

P1 - Fat and cholesterol deposits -> cause blockages -> cause high blood pressure.
P2 - Heart muscles have to work harder to pump blood.
P3 - This would lead to heart failure.

D4: Cancer

P1 - Animal fat is carcinogen
P2 - It causes cancer such as stomach and colon cancer.

D5: Diabetes 

P1 - High amount of fat is correlated to high body glucose level
P2 - This would lead to diabetes

9. Summary for today's lesson...

10. In United States, obesity-linked diseases are the second most common cause of preventable death for adults. In Malaysia, it's the first:

11. So, this is a serious matter. Better lose those fat now, and fast!