Most Sought After Biology Notes

Most Sought After Biology Notes

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Muscle Antagonistic Actions (Biceps & Triceps)

1. For this SPM subtopic of Locomotion, you need to know 2 things:
  • What is the meaning of muscle antagonistic action (MAA)
  • Comparison between bending and straightening arm
2. MAA means:
  1. Opposite actions of two muscles
  2. Which one contracts & the other relaxes
  3. to initiate limb motion and returning it to original position

3. Bending & Straightening Arm Comparison:

A. Bending Arm (4 points)
  • Biceps contract
  • Triceps relax
  • Arm is pulled upward
  • Arm is raised and bends

B. Straightening Arm (4 points)
  • Biceps relax
  • Triceps contract
  • Arm is pulled downward
  • Arm is lowered and straightened


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