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Monday, 15 July 2013

Cool Tips to Memorize Mitosis

We did the functions of Mitosis before. Now we go for the process. You know the 4 phases:
  • Prophase (4 points)
  • Metaphase (1 point)
  • Anaphase (2 points)
  • Telophase (4 points) 
Let's go to each phases one by one together with the points allocated:

A. Prophase:

  1. Chromatins -> Chromosomes (process completed)
  2. Nuclear membrane disappears
  3. Spindle fibres appear
  4. Centrioles to opposite poles
B. Metaphase:
  1. Chromosomes 'beratur' align at metaphase plate
C. Anaphase:
  1. Spindle fibres contract.
  2. Sister chromatids separate
D. Telophase:
  1. Cromosomes/chromatids -> Chromatins
  2. Nuclear membrane appears
  3. Spindle fibres disappear
  4. Cytokinesis (process initiated)

EXTRA: Patterns worth noting:
  • Telophase is a reversal to prophase
  • Mitosis located between interphase and cytokinesis:
So, there you go with the Mitosis, just remember the 4124 Formula! Remember them as you would remember your parent's phone number. Goodie luck! ;-)

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