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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bird Adaptation for Flight MadEasy

1. Here is the diagram for bird adaptation for flight (10 points):

2. Don't forget, this is a PE question (Point-Explanation). Example:

A. The aerofoil-shaped wings (point) utilize Bernoulli's Principle in order to generate lift. (explain) 
B. The strong pectoral or chest muscles (point) move the large wings to generate lift. (explain)
C. Bird shape is aerodynamic (point 1) and its feathers are arranged backward (point 2) to reduce air drag (explain)

3. INFO: Look at the highly streamlined peregrine falcon below. The shape resembles B2-Spirit & the bird could reach almost 400km/h -faster than the average speed of F1 car!

4. BONUS: Why the organism below would fly miserably? (99 marks) :)