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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Teknik Menjawab Soalan - Operational Definition (UPDATED FOR SPM 2017)

1. Again in Biology SPM Paper 3 Question 1, this operational definition-type (OD) question is one of the most frequently asked by my students. Consider the examples below:

SPM 2008 - State the OD for population of Pleurococcus  sp.
SPM 2009 - State the OD for the photosynthesis process.
SPM 2010 - State the OD for exhaled air.
SPM 2011 - State the OD for the hydrolysis of starch by amylase enzyme.
TRIAL SPM 2016 (MRSM) - State the OD for the population of turtles.

2. To write a perfect OD, you need three sentences. Here is the perfect OD template:

3. Let's use the SPM Trial 2017 to apply the template below:

Population of turtles are determined via number of turtles and marked in second capture (RVDirect). (1m)

This number is different according to three location captured which are Sipadan Island, Upeh Island, and Rantau Abang (MVDirect). (1m)

So, this number is influenced by the location which turtles are captured. (1m)

4. So, just remember two important aspects when answering OD-type questions:

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