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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Teknik Menjawab Soalan - Jelaskan Hubungan...

(This is an old entry. The updated version is here)

One of the challenge is to answer the questions which begin with "Explain the relationship between...". This question is a compulsory included in Question 1 in Paper 3 Biology.

Let's see some of the question examples:

1. Explain the relationship between the pepsin reaction rate and albumen concentration (SPM 2006)
2. Explain the relationship between the total number of bubbles and the light intensity (SPM 2007)
3. Explain the relationship between the Pleurococcus population and the light intensity (SPM 2008) 
4. Explain the relationship between the amylase activity rate and the pH value (SPM 2010)

They all carry 3 marks each - a significant allocation of points that could put your result to A or B.
To begin our lesson, observe a diagram below...

Question: Explain the relationship between the condition of plant and the presence of sunlight (UPSR)

I think you can easily solve them. But, the point, what is the correct way in order to gain full 3 marks? Below are the right TWO techniques:

#1: Identify MV and RV.
We can easily identify that:
MV - Presence of sunlight
RV - Condition of Plant (survive or not?)

#2: Put 2 explanations (using theory/keywords) consecutively between the MV & RV.

So, the right answer would be:
-When light is present (MV), 
-the plant is enable to conduct photosynthesis (explain 1). As a  
 result, more glucose can be synthesized (explain 2) to supply food 
 for plant,
-which cause the plant to survive (RV).

Congratulations! You are now pass the Paper 3's Explanation Question short course. I wish to remind you that this is not just for the sake of getting A, but also this can be an act of clarifying with logical precision, which is part of the critical thinking you should master when you enter a much higher level of study. Good luck!

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