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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Teknik Menjawab Soalan - Deduce-Type Question

In Biology SPM examination for Paper 3, Question 1, another favorite question is this "Based on the experiment, what can you deduce about...". The word deduce is emphasized, which would be our topic of discussion today. 

That word forms a context of specific reasoning skill known as deductive thinking. According to Prado et al. (2011) based on their article 'The Brain Network for Deductive Reasoning: A Quantitative Meta-analysis of 28 Neuroimaging Studies' released in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, deductive thinking can be defined as:


To be short, it is a conclusions that is guaranteed because we made based on SOLID EVIDENCES we get while doing experiment in Biology class.

For example, let's use this diagram again :)

Question: Based on the experiment, what can you deduce about photosynthesis?

The answering technique is shown in diagram below:

Let's analyse the question by using the technique above:

1) Deducing what? -------> deducing photosynthesis which is a biochemical process occurs in plant.
2) Cause what? ----------> photosynthesis causes plant to survive in experiment (RV).
3) Influenced by what? ---> photosynthesis is influenced by the presence of sunlight (MV).

Hence, we can write the answer as:
Photosynthesis is a process which causes the plant to survive 
if the sunlight is present. (3m)

We can check the reliability of our answer by stating that the conclusion is CONCRETE DUE TO SOLID EVIDENCE in the experiment.

Congratulations! You just finished another Paper 3 Answering Technique short course. Wish you well in your thinking endeavor :)  

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