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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

10 Points you MUST know about Nutrition

Welcome to OM NOM NOM NOM chapter :-)
Nutrition is the mother chapter for Biology SPM. It's because it is the longest chapter. Nutrition is one single most important chapter which is asked frequently in the SPM examination.  The chapter is long indeed, but questions remain...

"What would be its most crucial subtopics?"  

In my 10 years experience of marking SPM papers, here are the 10 subtopics you should already mastered before the big exam. Pick up your pen and start jotting (in no particular order)

10. Describing defecation process (READ IT HERE)

9. Compare the nutrition between ruminants and rodents (READ IT HERE)

8. Conducting the macronutrient deficiencies (especially nitrogen deficiency) experiment

7. Conducting the bomb calorimeter experiment

6. Determining the Vitamin C content in food samples

5. Testing the presence of non-reducing sugar

4. Describing  the process of fat, carbohydrate & protein digestion and assimilation  (READ IT HERE -protein digestion)

3. Compare the light & dark reaction of photosynthesis

2. Explaining the factors affecting the photosynthesis (& their experiments)

1. Explaining the 5 diseases associated with obesity (READ IT HERE)

Again, they are not arranged according to their particular importance but it helps to know their hierarchy, which we can exploit to answer the goddamn questions. 



  1. You have nice blog and an interesting way of teaching.

    1. I might be late. But still i want to say this. Thank you :-)

  2. I really hope that I can conquer Biology! Thank you Cikgu Heery!

  3. Hei Cikgu Heery I juz came across your blog while busy searching for HOTS quests for BIO... TQvm ya. Will be one of your frequent visitor.... Thanks again.

  4. Helping very much. Thank you! xx