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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Class Snap Note - Joints

Snap note is a note I draw on the whiteboard and I recommend my students to bring their DSLR cams, which they take the photos for their references. I prefer these since they already have text books and reference books  and I do not wish to add my students' burden by giving more plain, mundane and boring notes which are the staples of most teachers.


These are words described by my students about the notes. Here are some notes regarding Joints for Biology SPM F5. May they all enjoy them throughout the year!  

Ball-&-Socket VS Hinge Joint (Click to enlarge)

Detail of the Joints (functional)

Detail of joint (structural)

SPM FAQ for Joints - 1) 3 features for each joint 
                                    2) Difference between ligament and tendon
                                    3) 10 labels in joint
                                    4) Functions of cartilage
                                    5) Diseases of joint (next class snap note)

Special: I really enjoy this one ;-)

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