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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Truth About Soalan Bocor

INTRO: The key is how well the students are enlightened

Soalan bocor (leaked-out questions) or soalan ramalan (forecast questions) is the most sought after by students in order to sit for their respective exams. This subject is the single most asked questions by the students towards their teachers. Observe the conversations, in the class, tuition, seminar or in the net, the question is surely made of these:

"Cikgu ada tak soalan spot untuk topik.."

This is the FAQ when the big exam is around the corner. And the teachers/seminar organizers take this opportunity to conduct big seminars about these 'target' questions, easily attract big numbers of students. Also the reference book companies made quite a fortune from selling books with eye-catching titles: Klon Soalan SPM or Soalan Mirip Kertas Sebenar PMR/SPM...

I don't mind the forecast questions because that's what examination is all about. The one that concerns me is the soalan bocor. Like I mentioned before, our current school system has been training our students to score exams on paper. I cannot deny that because that is the initial stage of learning. But what I really peeved is that the social environment, especially most schools and teachers have been emphasizing too much on getting A+ - emphasizing the simple end rather than the intricate process of learning and creative thinking. 

Indeed in the end, soalan bocor is all that matters for the students, as quick and easy fix to get good results.

Secondly, I really peeved because some teachers exploiting soalan bocor or soalan ramalan as their cheif attraction for students to learn with them. Most of them are like me a senior teacher and even pemeriksa kertas plus are bestowed with the title GC (Guru Cemerlang) or Outstanding Teacher. Still, like someone by the lake scattering bread crumbs to attract the ducks, so are these so-called excellent teachers pompously offer soalan bocor/ramalan to the desperate throng of students. 

Indeed in the end, soalan bocor is all that matters for these teachers, as quick and easy fix to get promotions and $$$$.

Focusing on soalan bocor is dangerous for the students. The theory behind this is by focusing on this, the teachers unwittingly put the students into having external locus of control (LOC). This is a bad news because the students would attribute their success by a bunch of random questions on papers with a set of predetermined answers, rather than their own initiative to study critically.

I don't mind having the external LOC in schools, but if the students still have it when they enter a higher level of learning, this definitely spells a disaster. As in the future they attend universities or colleges, students are expected to study via research and assignments. But they are so accustomed to soalan bocor that even in universities the students still asking for soalan spot in their degree exams. This thing is made worse when lecturers, with fancy titles of Professors or Doctors still having secondary teacher mindsets that focus on preparing students for exams rather than preparing them to face the real world after finishing studies.

We produce a high volume of university graduates, but sadly majorities with mediocre quality of achievements. Ultimately, they will be facing tough times finding job. And when they found one, having another tough times maintaining one.    

Why am I stating this? Because me myself is a product of local education. I still remember during my days at UKM, I still had to attend lectures that is no different from my days in secondary school. I was being taught for UKM semester exams, rather than being guided and enlightened for my future careers.

Indeed in the end, soalan exam is all that matters for these lecturers, as quick and easy fix to keep their jobs and get promotions.

The real victim in this case is the student. They have been trained as memorizing drones, committed to answer questions objectively on some paper. As a result, they are valued by how many 'A's they get, not because of their unique talent or thinking capabilities.   

That's why in my class I prefer to guide my students. They already have all the answers -reference books, text books, teachers in school. All I need is to enlighten them with necessary knowledge to face the big exam. And I do it by showing them the beauty of learning. Drawings, graphics, stories, interesting facts, mind-boggling techniques, all of them at my disposal to share with my students.

Passionately and full with enthusiasm.  

I never aim for students' focus on mere PMR or SPM. I aim for the students' appreciation for lifelong learning.  

I also applaud the government suggestion to dissolve PMR or SPM exam, but that is another story :-)  

Class Snap Note - Joints

Snap note is a note I draw on the whiteboard and I recommend my students to bring their DSLR cams, which they take the photos for their references. I prefer these since they already have text books and reference books  and I do not wish to add my students' burden by giving more plain, mundane and boring notes which are the staples of most teachers.


These are words described by my students about the notes. Here are some notes regarding Joints for Biology SPM F5. May they all enjoy them throughout the year!  

Ball-&-Socket VS Hinge Joint (Click to enlarge)

Detail of the Joints (functional)

Detail of joint (structural)

SPM FAQ for Joints - 1) 3 features for each joint 
                                    2) Difference between ligament and tendon
                                    3) 10 labels in joint
                                    4) Functions of cartilage
                                    5) Diseases of joint (next class snap note)

Special: I really enjoy this one ;-)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nitrogen Cycle

This is my note of Nitrogen Cycle. Copy it, download it, learn it. Type of questions always asked in exam? Read my Meniru Lif Kejayaan in previous entry. Soalan bocor? Do ask any mischievous teacher and go deny yourselves the joy of learning.

Click to enlarge

Friday, 9 March 2012

(BAHASA) Salam Perkenalan daripada Cikgu Heery

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada semua. Akhirnya, dapat juga saya siapkan blog ini, mendapat tempat di alam cyber dan berharap boleh berkongsi sedikit sebanyak ilmu untuk senjata mempersiap diri untuk menghadapi perang besar pelajar sekalian -PMR dan SPM.

Sekarang ini saya mengajar Science bab Pembiakan untuk PMR (tak payah ajar pun pelajar dah skor), Science SPM bab Variasi (Ting. 4) dan Alam Sekitar (Ting. 5) serta Biology bab Joints (Sendi). Banyak perkara menarik yang saya boleh kongsikan dan Insyaallah saya akan terangkan dalam blog ini untuk kemudahan pelajar dan pembaca umum. 

Semoga boleh dimanfaatkan blog ini sepenuhnya. Salamzzz...