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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Similarities between Two Different Worlds - Finland and Singapore Education System

1. We know both countries are culturally different, but they have the best education system in the world. Let's see their cultural values and find any similarity...

2. So, we can see that if Malaysia focuses on meritocracyhighly values education and have a strong national identity, we are on the right track for a better education system.

3. Now, let's see the education components:

4. We can see four things in common in education - equal schools, rigorous students, expert teachers, supportive ecosystems. Here are my 2-cents suggestions:

a. Meritocracy - university entrance should be granted to highly qualified individuals.
b. Education is highly valued - authoritative parenting skills needed so kids love knowledge.
c. Strong national identity - strong leadership leads to real patriotism.
d. Equal schools - do away with school rankings.
e. Rigorous students - again, authoritative parenting skills.
f. Expert teachers - only best graduates are allowed to become teachers.
g. Supportive ecosystem - all should see that they can trust one another.

5. By taking the common elements of two strongly different world, I hope our Malaysian education system can really improve.

Prologue - in conversation, sometimes we need to play along to loosen things up.

Saturday, 19 May 2018


1. Let's focus on things you learnt in Reproduction for Form 5 students this month.

2. Typical but popular HOTS question (provided by Biology teachers in MRSM/SBP):

3. Perfect answer outline:

*HOTS questions tend to be brief, interesting, and fun (in order for students to grasp the foundation of thinking skills). So, long, stressful HOTS question will kill the very reason for students to use HOTS in the first place.

All the best!

Prologue - Do not panic just yet. You can turn things around by surprising her: "Sure you have sperms if you were a guy. I would love to have ovum if I were a girl :-)"

Thursday, 17 May 2018

(ISTIMEWA HARI IBU): Analisis Soalan Popular SBP: Nutrisi - Pemakanan Ibu Mengandung

1. Satu paparan komik untuk insan tersayang pada hari istimewa...

Prolog - Anda perlu beri perhatian 1000% kpd ibu/pasangan anda yg hamil

2. Jom kita lihat soalan mengenai pemakanan ibu mengandung (soalan hakcipta BPSBPSK)

3. Daripada soalan ini, anda akan peroleh idea mengenai 5 perkara:

a. Soalan jenis panjang 10 markah, maka saya perlu menulis sekurang-kurangnya 10 ayat.
b. Soalan ini menanyakan pendapat saya, maka saya perlu beri pendirian saya dan sebab2 yg munasabah.
c. Pemakanan perempuan ini tidak seimbang, jadi saya perlu menyatakan akibat buruk yg akan berlaku kpd beliau.
d.  Saya boleh guna contoh2 drpd Jadual 8.4 utk mengukuhkan jawapan saya.
e. Saya perlu kerap menggunakan penanda wacana utk menghubungkan poin2 saya.

4. Contoh skema jawapan lengkap:

5. Ketika bulan puasa ini, jaga pemakanan anda ya. Buat yang terbaik!

Epilog - Kena sabar sentiasa tatkala bersama mereka dalam situasi ini

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

(UPDATE): Analisis Soalan MRSM - Photosynthesis - Plant Loves Violet Light!

Recently, I went out to conduct seminars.

A lot of them. 

Biology SPM, 
Chemistry SPM, 
Physics SPM,
Science PT3.

One of many schools I went :-)

That's why I did not update this blog. Now it is holy Ramadhan month - time to relax and focus on updating my blog and book. Let's discuss teknik menjawab soalan which I already promised to you all before:

The question is shown below, provided with two diagrams and a table:

So, you can see 4 things already:

1. The question is about plants in beaker R & S. So, I should write two paragraphs of answers for both beakers.
2. It is a long-type question, so I should give intro/conclusion when necessary.
3. Use a lot of conjunction to connect my points.
4. I should write at least 10 sentences for 10-mark question.

Here is the perfect answer outline:

I already gave you the key. It is up to you to open the door. All the best and Salam Ramadhan for the muslims!


Ramalan Tahun Ini (This Year's Prediction)

P/s: Pembeli nota saat akhir tidak akan dilayan - Last-minute note buyers will not be entertained.


Friday, 20 April 2018

Success Story - AI Tech Wiz

Last weekend I hung out with my homies from Gombak. It was good to see them all.
Clockwise: Ala, Kumer, Lee, Chee, Chris, Heery
They are all successful individuals with many stories to share, tales to tell, and advice that comes with many sizes. One particular guy I wish to share his story is Prof. Dr. Ir Kumeresan A. Danapalasingam. He passed with flying colors in school back in Gombak, UTM, & attained PhD in a renowned institute in Denmark. The best thing is that he studied and become the expert in AI technology - a field of interesting and emerging knowledge of the future. Nowadays, he is one of the head lecturer in UTM and frequently invited to give talks about AI technology in Malaysia and all over the world.

To find out his study technique/strategy, I decided to conduct informal qualitative research in form of interviews. His points are extremely useful for the students - particularly for those of Indian Malaysian ethnicity to serve as guidance and ideal role-model to emulate and succeed in their study.

Here are the gist from the interview conducted:

1. About Future – Be Practical
Outlying the points
16-17 years old students are considered mature enough to plan for their future. Students should find as much info online about what works and what does not in Malaysia. For example, one might plan to become a painter or footballer. But, unfortunately, the career is not well-established in Malaysia. Kumer took Electrical Engineering degree and became a lecturer, because he realized Malaysian policy of upholding science and technology. In short, be practical.

2. About Study – Always Study Beforehand
In the class, nothing is more frustrating than having no clue about what the teachers are teaching. So, students should seek to study the topics first. The best way is to study for 90 minutes, then take a rest for 15-20 minutes. By doing this, students will understand more and enjoy the classroom session. By doing this, the students will be more intelligent and ask good questions instead of ‘soalan bodoh’. 

3. About Family – Freedom with Limit
"Do whatever you want - as long as you know the limit"
His mother granted him prerogative to spend the time freely, as long as he know the limit. For example, he frequently went out to play football, but returned home before 7pm. He liked to hang around malls with friends, but he remembered that study was his main priority – and he studied like hell at home. By granting freedom during his teen life, he felt the sense of independence and started took charge of his life seriously in order to become a better person.

4. About Yourself – Use Your Strength to Galvanize your Motivation
"My family is everything to me & I did what I could with my very best"
He realized that he was not from a well-to-do family. Because of that, his greatest motivation in life was to help his family. So, he used his passion (love to learn new things) to vigorously study and attain the highest qualification (PhD). By doing this, he secured a good and highly promising career that could effectively help his family.

5. About Education – Highest Qualification is a Must
In a world where everybody can claim to be the expert, having a verified qualification is a must. So, students should not be satisfied with mere degree. Instead, they should strive to study and attain the best (this is highly practical, mind you!) no matter what until they attain the highest Phd level.

6.About Habit – Do Not Smoke
In order to improve yourselves, students should not be burdened with unnecessarily destructive habit, such as smoking and spending too much time on social media and video games. This is because they are highly impractical and will haunt them for the rest of their life – effectively deter you from becoming a fully functioning individual and achieving your goals and dreams.

I hope the students could benefit from his word of wisdom & strive hard & well for their SPM this year. Because the future matters - & it matters a lot. All the best!

Epilogue - "Study well so you can become cool like me"

UPDATE - Dr. Kumar ketika lawatan Cikgu Heery ke UTM, Skudai Johor.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Elites - First Fifteen Heeryians

These are the first 15 Heeryians who bought the notes between 10 April and today (12 April):

20180000 Zulheery Ismail (even I have to use my own notes)
20180001 Arun Kumar, Balakong
20180002 Tham Tian Fu, Sri Petaling
20180003 Low Qian Sheng (*VIP), Kuantan
20180004 Yong Kah Hou, Kuantan
20180005 Thong Huey Leen, Kuantan
20180006 Chan Yoon Jet, Kuantan
20180007 Tai Zhi Wei, Kuantan
20180008 Lee Bing Zhi, Kuantan
20180009 Mun Jia Shen, Kuantan
20180010 Khor Jia Xin, Kuantan
20180011 Fadilah Mahabob, Miri
20180012 Derrick Chan, Puchong
20180013 Loi Pei Ying, Segamat
20180014 Ooi Kit Lun, Kuala Lumpur
20180015 Elmy Irshada, Ipoh

*VIP individuals are given special attention for their contribution to the Heery's notes.

You will be added into the highly exclusive Heery's WhatsApp group for weekly discussion about tips, hints and extra notes. All the best, & stay marvelous! :-)